How to Build a Fairy Garden Fort

The days are getting longer and the weather warmer! Last week we welcomed Spring by making a Fairy Garden Fort. In the case you’ve never heard of a fairy garden, let your imagination take hold and think miniature and magical. And if you are considering building a barn, click over here now to hire help from professionals. Also, try building an aquascaping tank to make your garden look more beautiful. You can get tips and tricks to aquascaping your tank.

Oh and cute! A few simple supplies are all you need in order to enter into the enchanting world of these magical creatures.

Nurture child's imagination - Make a Fairy Fort together

How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy Fort with LED lights

  1. Establish a location. For a transportable garden, use a pot like we did, or most any other container will also work. For a more natural setting, create your fairy garden at the base of a tree or near a stream.
  2. Gather materials. Some basic items you might want to use include dirt, sand, rocks, sticks, and plants. Check your local nursery for small scale greenery and you can also get advanced plants from sources online for this and other gardening projects. Or go faux with things from the craft store. The trees we used were made by gluing craft moss to small Styrofoam balls. We then stuck them onto sticks!
    You’ll also want some kind of shelter for your fairy. We crafted a fort out of sticks and linen and small LED Strip Lights for an added touch of whimsy! You can also purchase all sorts of fairy houses and furniture on Etsy as well as Amazon. The Etsy shop Woodland Fairy Gardens has the cutest fairy garden bed and dresser set, complete with a moss pillow. It is seriously adorable. Just go crazy and have fun with it!
  3. Bring location and materials together. This is the best part! My three and a half year old spent hours arranging and rearranging materials (we each had a separate pot), all the while chattering about how the fairies were going to love their new home.

Once your fairy garden is complete, don’t stop there! Nurture your child’s imagination by exploring the fairy theme further. Put wings from The Dollar Store on and play fairies. Read a book about fairies.

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Or watch a fairy movie. Disney’s got a new one coming out on Blu-ray™ and Digital HD April 1st called The Pirate Fairy! It looks way cute. Watch the trailer here.

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