Master Cleaning List Printable

In the spirit of Spring cleaning, I have come up with a yearly cleaning list to add to my Daily, Weekly, and Monthly ones.  Instead of cramming yearly tasks into a 3 week span, I prefer to spread them out and do about one a month.
Here is a compilation of the lists – simply designed on one page and ready to print HERE, if you so desire!

Tips for implementing these Home Cleaning lists:

  • Assign each task to a specific day.  Grab a calendar and start penciling things in!
  • Designate 30 or 4o minutes a day just for cleaning.  Early in the morning, during kids’ nap time, right after dinner, whatever works for you!
  • Spread things out by doing 1-2 weekly things a day, 1-2 monthly things each week, and 0-1 yearly tasks per month. For harder projects such as chimney cleaning, I suggest leaving it to a professional right here on Willard Power Vac.
  • Enlist the help of all family members!
Are there any tasks you do on a regular basis that are not on my lists?  What things help you get your cleaning done?
Please share in the comments below!

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