How to Cover Edge of Pie Crust with Foil Easily

How to Easily Cover the Edges of a Pie Crust with Tinfoil

There’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of a homemade pie straight out of the oven. However, overcooked pie crusts can easily become a bane to any home baker. To avoid this, we’re going to take a minute to look at how to cover the edge of a pie crust with foil to make sure your crust does all your hard work in the kitchen justice.

How to Cover Edge of Pie Crust with Foil Easily 

Why Do People Wrap the Edges of Pie Crust in Aluminum Foil?


You might be confused the first time you see someone start wrapping the crust of their pie in aluminum foil. However, it’s a trick to help keep you from over-browning or even burning your pie crusts. Keep reading to learn how to use aluminum foil to make sure you get a flaky, delicious pie crust!

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